Hampta Pass Trek – A Stunning Crossover Trek

Hampta Pass Trek is an unusually special pass. It climbs out of the lush green valleys of Kullu to a perpendicular overhang, high in the mountains. The overhang you stand on is almost like a balcony view, an Amphitheater to a different world below – the deserts of Lahaul. This makes it one of the most stunning crossover treks in the Himalayas.

Hampta Pass Trek - Lush Green Valleys
Lush Green Valleys to welcome you

Hampta Pass Trek: A Quick Introduction

RegionNear Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India
Duration6 Days
Highest Altitude14,035 Ft. (4268 Mts.)
Best TimeJune – September
View of the Rani Nalla
View of the Rani Nalla

How did the Hampta Pass Trek happen to me?

Since more than a decade, I have been seeing pictures of my cousin trekking in the Greater Himalayas and had wondered if I could go there someday. It all started with an urge to share my travel experiences with other travel enthusiasts. Little did I know that my writing would give me an opportunity to scale the mighty Himalayas in the form of the Hampta Pass
Trek? I won this beautiful trek on being the Second Runner-up in an online Travel Blog competition. I was a mix of excitement and nervousness as I was gearing up for my first High Altitude Trek.

The Preparation

I was a mix of excitement and nervousness as I was gearing up for my first High Altitude Trek. I started looking out for a companion and finally got one in the form of my friend. The dates were finalized – 29th July to 3rd August 2018. Right from the preparation to shopping, this one was going to be completely different from my earlier trips. Selecting the right shoes, backpack, trekking gear, clothes – it was all quite exciting. It was raining every day and made it quite difficult to follow the outdoor practice routine setup by the Trek organizers in order to prepare for the trek. But the determination was there.

The Journey Begins

Hampta Pass Trek - Enroute Manali
Enroute Manali

Finally the day arrived and we landed in Delhi with eyes full of dreams of putting our foot on the Himalayan trail. The journey from Delhi to Manali was an overnight one bringing back the memories of my previous trip on the same route a year back. However, it was a lot smoother this time and we reached the Assembly Point in Manali along with 7 others from Pune. The steep valleys, rustling rivers, narrow bridges, apple and pine trees – it was a visual spectacle already.

We met with our Trek Leader – Gurkirat a.k.a. Guru with whom we all developed a bond of Friendship by the end of the trek. He conducted a quick health check for all the trekkers and we all set off on the journey to conquer Hampta Pass.

Hampta Pass Trek – Day 1: Reach Jobra (9,800 ft.)

Mountains covered with Pine and Maple trees
Mountains covered with Pine and Maple trees

The picturesque drive from Manali, along with 42 hairpin turns, has panoramic views of Kullu valley. After about an hour of bumpy jeep ride, we reached the starting point. We were welcome by a quick heavy shower of rain bringing out our Ponchos. Luckily it did not follow us thereafter. Guru briefed us about all the essentials we need to take care of during the trek and also introduced us to our guides – Dishu and Keshav bhaiya – one leading our way and the other ensuring that nobody is left behind. A group of 25 unknown trekkers (we all knew each other by name by the 3rd day) started with a small 45 minute trek to the first campsite – Jobra through a mixed forest of pine and maple trees. 

We started making way through the dense forests
We started making way through the dense forests
Hampta Pass Trek - A view of Rani Nalla from Jobra Camp
A view of Rani Nalla from Jobra Camp

The Actual Trek

I did not start well and slipped in just 5 minutes due to the marshy trail. But as we moved on, the skies cleared up and I was completely drenched in sweat. With a couple of water stops and encouraging words from Guru, we finally reached Jobra. Carrying heavy backpack (7-8 kg), battling the rains and cold weather, staying in small tents surrounded by the mountains and being completely disconnected from the Internet for the next 6 days – how would I cope with this were my thoughts. However, there was just one word I could say – Unbelievable!!

The lush green meadows and the rustling sounds of the Rani Nalla (river) made me forget the materialistic world. We booked our tents and were served with hot tea and snacks. After relaxing for a while, it was time to head off towards the Rani River and enjoy the rest of the evening with fellow trekkers getting familiarized with each other’s company. Our trek leader made sure that our Oxygen levels and Pulse Rate are under check with regular monitoring.

Hampta Pass Trek – Day 2: Jobra (9,800 ft.) to Jwara (11,072 ft)

Wooden Bridge crossing over the Rani Nalla
Wooden Bridge crossing over the Rani Nalla
This route would give a complex to the Valley of Flowers
This route would give a complex to the Valley of Flowers

On Day 2, we started early in the morning towards our next camp – Jwara. Everyday hereafter started with hot Ginger water followed by sumptuous breakfast. I realized that I had caught up with severe cold which was set to make life difficult in the days to come. We crossed over the river on a hanging wooden bridge and set of gradually ascending the hill. I was thinking that the panoramic view at the previous camp was equivalent to none other. But I was proven wrong with each step on the trail. On one side of the valley were the rock faces and on the other side was the river below. To add to the mesmerizing view, there were patches of colorful flowers – red, blue, yellow, pink, purple along the trail. 

Time for a click
Time for a click
Hampta Pass Trek - Beautiful Flora along the river banks
Beautiful Flora along the river banks

Midway through the trek I was tired to the core having difficulties in breathing due to a running nose. My body refused to move on with the heavy backpack adding to the miseries. Seeing my struggle to keep up with the rest, Keshav Bhaiya, one of our guides offered me to handover my backpack to him in exchange of his lighter one. This gesture reminded me of all the efforts I had taken to be here and instantly resolved to put all my might and complete the trek. I politely refused and tugged along.

Crossing the Freezing Stream

Crossing numerous boulders on the way, we reached a point where a challenge awaited us – a freezing cold stream (at 11 am in the day). Off came the shoes and we dared to cross the stream supporting each other with the help of our guides. It felt like an enormous achievement on getting to the other side. We finally reached the clearing of the Jwara camp after 5 hours. I was all exhausted but the picturesque surroundings and waterfalls helped me overcome the fatigue.

Getting closer to the Next Base Camp
Getting closer to the Next Base Camp

Fun Filled Afternoons

There were strict instructions from our trek leader about not sleeping during day time as it would slow down the body acclimatization process. Post lunch, we all gathered in our dinner tent and enjoyed a game of dumb charades. It was time for a few more games in the evening – Zip Zap Zoom, 7 Up, Word link, etc. which gave a feeling of home away from home.

Hampta Pass Trek - Stacked Stones considered sacred
Stacked Stones considered sacred

Green Trail Initiative

We met Leo, another trek leader, who was leading the Green Trails initiative in the region. It was disheartening to hear about how trekkers have been littering around and the damage it is causing to the Himalayas. The snow line is receding due to global warming and is greatly disrupting the flora and fauna in the region. Leo informed us about the efforts taken by the Trek group to preserve and protect the environment. We all resolved to be a part of this and contribute in our own way by keeping the trails clean and collecting the litter and segregating them for proper disposal.

Hampta Pass Trek – Day 3: Trek from Jwara (11,072 ft) to Balu Ka Ghera (12,411 ft)

Varied colours of Himalayan Flowers
Varied colours of Himalayan Flowers

With increase in altitude, the temperatures and oxygen levels kept dropping posing a new challenge. Trekking on Day 3 became a tad easier due to pleasant weather – sunny at times and overcast the next moment. We came across a huge flock of goat and sheep grazing on the green grass – a sight unseen in the cities. It was time to shove off our heavy bags and enjoy the serene beauty. As we continued further, the trees and meadows got left behind and made way for the barren and sandy mountains. The next campsite – Balu ka Ghera or bed of sand had an open ground which became our gaming zone for the evening. The heaven-touching peaks of the mountains were drenched in brilliant light of the setting sun.

Hampta Pass Trek - Our fellow trekkers who do it everyday
Our fellow trekkers who do it everyday
Shea Goru Campsite
Shea Goru Campsite

There was another though simpler river crossing before we got to the base camp. It was time for a round of Antakshari today with a mix of old and new songs. Evening started with a session on useful information about the Himalayas followed by a couple of new games and we had great fun. The surroundings were so mesmerizing that I completely forgot I had not talked to my family for the past 3 days. The best part of dinner was our guides forcibly serving delicious desserts every day to all – Kheer, Jalebi, Gulab Jamun, Gajar Halwa. It was hard to believe we were getting all this and much more at a height of more than 12,000 ft. The trek organizers made sure our daily diet is taken care of and was utmost priority.

Hampta Pass Trek – Day 4: Balu Ka Ghera (12,411 ft) to Shea Goru (12,254 ft) via Hampta Pass (14,035 ft)

View of the Lahaul Valley from the Hampta Pass
View of the Lahaul Valley from the Hampta Pass

It is advisable to climb to a higher altitude and camp at a relatively lower height for body acclimatization. Day 4 was the ultimate test when we had to climb up to the Hampta Pass and then descend to the windy campsite of Shea Goru. We started at 6:30 am in the morning as we had a long journey ahead of us. With every step, my cold got worse and within 15 minutes, I started feeling breathless. I felt that I would have to go back without reaching the summit. But my fellow trekkers and trek leader helped me. I sat down for a while, gulped a few sips of water to catch my breath. Someone gave me an ointment which opened up my nose and I felt better again. My heart was not ready to give up. This helped me gather myself and we all set off again. 

Mission Accomplished
Mission Accomplished

The Hampta Pass Summit

As we headed towards the mountains, the snow clad peaks became distinctly visible. The incline got steeper with rock fall prone area and constantly following clouds adding to the adversities. After about an hour and half, we got a breath-taking view of the Deo Tibba peak right in front of us. We continued to march forward egging each other to keep going. With each step, the anticipation was mounting. There was another incline and after two parallel ridges was the summit point – The Hampta Pass. Even though I felt like giving up a few times, being so close boosted me to reach the top. The weariness of scaling 14,000 ft. vanished in a moment at the glimpse of the splendid Lahaul valley from the pass. 

Yayyy... We did it!!
Yayyy… We did it!!
Hampta Pass Trek - The Steep Descend
The Steep Descend

We were all ecstatic about our achievement and we were screaming with joy. This was a moment to savor for the whole of my life. After an hour of clicking pictures, admiring the scenic landscapes and lauding ourselves, we finally began to descend. I climbed down the slippery pathways like a pro as I knew the descend techniques well. We were treated with hot Pasta and lip smacking desserts at the campsite for achieving the feat. Being at such high altitudes also gave a spell-bound view of the night sky – the satellites, the Milky Way; bright twinkling stars as if the entire Universe could be scanned by our eyes.

Hampta Pass Trek Day 5: Shea Goru (12,254 ft) to Chhatru (10,898 ft)

Ultimate River Crossing Shea Goru
Moments to Cherish
Moments to Cherish

The penultimate day of the trek started with the river crossing. We had to get across early before the water levels rose. We formed a chain holding hands with our shoes hanging around our neck and finally made our way across the extremely cold water. It took 15-20 minutes to relive our feet again. This was the final hurdle in our way and we all crossed it successfully. We had a gradual descend for nearly 5 hours before reaching the final campsite – Chhatru. It was a little strange to see more number of humans and vehicles again after nearly 5 days. We were all elated after completing the trek as a group without any casualties. 

Tent that was home for 5 days
Tent that was home for 5 days

Chandratal (14,100 ft)

Hampta Pass Trek - Clear Blue Waters of the Chandratal
Clear Blue Waters of the Chandratal
With Chacha and his Achievement wall @Chacha Chachi Dhaba, Batal
With Chacha and his Achievement wall @Chacha Chachi Dhaba, Batal

We were a lucky batch as it hardly rained during our 5 day trek. In the afternoon, we enthusiastically headed towards one of the most magnificent lakes – The Chandratal called so due to its cresent shape. Chandratal, situated in Spiti is considered to be a sacred lake. Do not forget to stop by the Chacha-Chachi Dhaba on the way to Chandratal. They have been helping and rescuing the travellers and adventures caught in sudden weather, snowfalls, landslides or any other emergencies. 

Funtime with the group
Funtime with the group

Chandratal is compared to the Pangong Tso Lake in Ladakh owing to its crystal clear blue water surrounded by majestic and rocky peaks. Though I have visited both – the Pangong Tso and Chandratal, the latter being far less crowded and commercialized helps you rejuvenate and relax. I sat down on the sand, staring in the distance and letting the moment sink in! It was time for some crazy group photos before the fairy tale comes to an end and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. If you have some energy to spare, walk up the hill next to Chandratal. From the top, apart from being able to identify the moon shape of the lake, you’ll be able to see a second lake out in the distance surrounded with scenic peaks like the CB-13.

Note: Since Chandratal is at an altitude of 14,100 feet there are good chances of being hit by Acute Mountain Sickness if you’re not well hydrated. Also, the road to Chandratal is extremely dusty and can lead to problem if you are asthmatic.

Hampta Pass Trek – Day 6: Drive from Chhatru (10,898 ft) to Manali via Rohtang Pass (13058 ft)

Barren yet Beautiful
Barren yet Beautiful
Hampta Pass Trek - Snow clad peaks enroute Manali
Snow clad peaks enroute Manali

Another treat was crossing the famous Rohtang Pass on our way back to Manali. I kept admiring the mountains, trees, rivers, narrow roads all the way back. My heart didn’t want to part ways with these daunting serene mountains and the peaceful life. Though it was a nostalgic moment, I know I would be back to visit my second home – the Himalayas again for the fourth time next year for a new experience.

Special mention of my fellow trekkers who were each other’s biggest support and photo contributors in this blog:

Harshata, Eshan, Pallavi, Pullak, Manjiree, Bhooshan, Manosij, Sapana, Akash, Jayesh, Gunjan, Ritu, Kalpana, Rohit, Smita, Satyajeet, Himanshu, Sabita, Siddharth, Vidit, Vasudha, Radhika, Oliver and Harrison.

Special Thanks our trek leader and guides who took great care of us and provided us with world class facilities:

Gurkirat, Dishu, Keshav

And last but not the least, Tripoto for giving me an opportunity to live a dream equivalent to none before!!

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